1830 Edwin Beard Budding Lawn Mower


First, original lawn mower of the 1800’s called the Budding Mower. Located in the London Science Museum. It is named after it’s inventor Edwin Beard Budding. May 18, 1830 was when the first lawn mower was manufactured.

Edwin Beard Budding was originally an engineer, a carpenter manufacturer. Although, there have not been real evidence showing the development of his work, there have been assumptions that he did gain skills and knowledge through his work. Budding then developed the idea through his mechanisms of work.

Budding’s invention gave society an advantage to making their lives easier and saving more time. It impacted the lives of millions of people and still currently used today. His invention helped millions of lives throughout the years to be able to mow lawns with such a machine. Budding had a positive impact on the lives of millions of people. It gave those who took hours and hours to cut their grass a simpler and less time consuming advantage to cut grass with a simple push. Budding truly made lives of millions of people more convenient and accessible.

Garden history was significantly impacted by Budding’s invention. Not only did it improve lives throughout the years but it influenced garden history through developing other creations and ideas. Budding stated that his technological machine was originally created for the cropping or cutting of the vegetable surface of the grass and lawns of the ground. It was used for the cutting of grass and allowed garden history a new perspective of gardening with the tool.

It reveals social and cultural values through a different perspective. Edwin Beard Budding changed the social lives of the society’s culture through positive values and created positive change. Social life was improved by allowing those who gardened and mowed lawns to be able to gain usefulness and a healthy exercise.

The lawn mower was accessible to everyone. Companies took the time to produced thousands and thousands of mowers so that it society would have more availability towards them. Phoenix Ironworks produced and manufactured over 5,000 of Budding’s lawn mowers. Popularity for the lawn mowers grew and more and more companies continued to produce these lawn mowers. Budding’s invention was one of significance importance that did not disappear. The budding mower grew and improved throughout the years. Even until today we use new and advanced lawn mowers.
As technology grew throughout the years the advancement of the mower grew along with it.

I used one scholarly website which I found online on the Internet through google scholar with all the information regarding Edwin Budding and his invention. Along with my primary source being this image of the original lawn mower I found on the same site. The historical information is from the Museum of Park located in Stroud, England. They placed Budding’s original work in a Science Museum located in London for anyone who is welcome to view it. Images and information regarding Budding’s lawn mower found on: http://edwinbudding.igcema.org/about-edwin-budding/

Budding impacted science and technology through his invention. His invention is still known and will always be known and used throughout the years. He replaced the scythe with the Budding Mower and advanced the technology of the nineteenth century. Edwin Beard Budding made history and gave gardeners a boost of simplicity through his innovative discovery.


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